Niger State Geographic Information System (NIGIS) Agency

Unlocking the Potentials of Lands for SustainableDevelopment... 

Our Mission

To provivide description and value to Niger State land resource for sustanable development.

Our Vision

To create the necessary platform and awareness for effective use of Niger State land resources for sustainable economic growth and development.

Our Services


C of O

Issuance of Certificate of Occupancy

Geo-spatial Information

We provide Geographic Information to Students for Educational Research, NIMET, FAN, Ministry of Mining and Mineral Resources, and Security Organisations etc.

Legal Searches

NIGIS Provide Legal Searches of Land Title Document.

Ground Rent

We provide Ground Rent updates & Payment etc.

Requirement for Statutory Right of Occupancy.

Meet the heads

Dr. Abdul Husaini NPOM, FNITP
Dr. Abdul Husaini NPOM, FNITPPermanent Secretary Ministry of Lands and Housing
ESV. Ibrahim Musa Jemaku
ESV. Ibrahim Musa JemakuGeneral Manager (NIGIS) Agency

Our Partners

Niger State Ministry of Works



Niger State Housing Cooperation,

Niger State Urban Board.

Nigerian Environmental Society.